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Often you see companies say or advertise that they "provide the best service" and most often than not, this statement is over-rated. Consumers see this phrase that has become so cliché and automatically know this phrase has become part of a business. However, here at Rey's Photography we truly do care about the service you receive as we believe that great services ensure continued business with you. Our service is composed of friendly and courteous staff whom are trained to focus on customers' needs while making your experience fun and enjoyable. But most importantly we want to always remind the customer that they have full easy access to higher management in the event that their needs were not being met.


Your special day is here and you want to remember every moment of it! The way he looked at you in awe as you walked down the aisle, her smile when you said "I do", and that embracing moment when you looked into each other's eyes and knew you found your soul mate... we would be honored if you allowed us to come into your day and capture every important detail which worth remembering. You have so much to worry about that day, that we want to ease your stress by capturing your special moments without you even knowing we're there. Let us help you never forget that you were a king and queen that day and forever...

Sweet Sixteen

The day you turn Sixteen is one of every girls wishes come true. Your little sixteen year old heart is full of excitement to know that everyone you love will be there to witness the cocoon turning into a beautiful butterfly. You've been imagining this moment your entire life and it's finally here! Let us be part of your excitement and capture every beautiful moment of your special day. On this day you're a princess and should be treated as such. That is why on this day you are our first priority and we will make sure your real life fairy-tale will be yours to remember forever!

Photo Restoration

It is amazing what photographic technology can do now a days! Here at Rey's Photography we specialize in restoring old pictures that you want to cherish as memories. Our advance technology allows us to bring that old picture back to life making it look vibrant and full of life once again. We love challenges, the older the picture the bigger the challenge. We do all types of restorations from torn photos, to person removals and could even add to the photo that missing piece that took your left eye! Don't let that beautiful memory be part of your yesterday, bring it in today and let us do the magic!


Prom is an unforgettable once in a life time night that only some people get to experience with their high school friends. Why not capture the moments of laughter and joy with those who have surrounded you for years. One day you'll look back and with a smile on your face reminisce about that special evening...That is why Rey's Photography exceeds all others; because we know that your moments are yours and therefore should be amazingly captured forever.


We all have those days when we wake up on the silly side of the bed. Photobooth photography is specially designed for that! It's that one time where in the privacy of the booth you're encourage to make that silly face you would never make in public. Take advantage of our photobooth photos and feel like a kid again!

Studio Portrait

Many people say "It's all about the environment" and sometimes it's true! It's you at your best and this is why you need that special pose, the perfect lighting, and the magic of a photo studio to bring the best out in you! Here at Rey's Photography we encourage originality because there could only be one you! You're irreplaceable!

Our company is always encouraging our staff to frequently attend photography trainings to ensure that our client's are getting the latest technology in photography. We don't want to remain basic or generic. We want people to ask you "where did you get that from?" and we want you to encourage your friends and family to visit our store or web page. Yet, we know that a good recommendation from you depends on the type of experience you had with us and that is why we promote and practice outstanding customer service.

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