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Our company is composed of well trained professionals in the photography field. Here we strive for perfection all the time. We are taking photography to the next level! We're not only sticking to your basic photo studio, here we're also producing mouse pads with your photo election, shirts, hats, mugs, calendars, monuments, prints in 3-D form and basically on anything that has a surface. We have researched the photo market and what we have to offer exceeds all others; as we want to be different and less costly. That is precisely our goal "More for less"! All of our products are 100% guaranteed and if you're not satisfied with our final product we will refund you entirely, it's as simple as that!


Nowadays everyone is flicking photos from one device or another. Yet, people have forgotten the elegance of a photo well taken by a professional photographer. Here at Rey's Photography, Rey has been a professional photographer for over 23 years, experienced in photographing Weddings, Graduations, and Portraiture. Rey is an Award Winning Photographer who loves what he does and has a passion for art. He believes that there should always be a hard copy of every memory worth remembering, for one day we must all go, but the memories should continue to persevere forever.

Cap & Gown

It has been an age-old tradition of graduates to wear graduation cap and gown. In a way, the cap and gown symbolizes how special the day is, in that only those who have toiled and persevered are given the right to wear them. As graduates walk down the aisle to their respective seats, the cap and gown adds to the feeling of pride that finally one chapter of their life has been successfully completed and that they can now advance to the next stage. Why not capture this moment in a photographic memory that will always remind you how far you've come, and we want to be part of your journey!


It's a cool feeling to be able to look back at those exciting times during one's high school years. To reminisce about that one person you always had a secret crush on, or that one teacher that you will always remember. Here at Rey's Photography we work hard as a team to ensure that your High school has the most unique yearbook ever! We believe in good quality at low cost for the customer and handing you a final product that you'll appreciate forever is our ultimate goal!

Autograph Books

An autograph book is like that little 'black" book that many of us had growing up, in which you only wanted certain signatures to be in it. Here at Rey's Photography we allow you to choose your style and color by personalizing it just like the signatures that'll be in it!

Diploma Case

A diploma is a certified piece of paper confirming that you've earned your level of education. The word "earned" needs to be emphasized because no one really knows how hard you worked for it. Through trials and tribulations you persevered, you pushed yourself when all you wanted to do was achieve that goal. In the end you've made it! Let us help you protect your achievement in a case of elegance and fine style, that can only be described as "unforgettable" from beginning to end!

T-Shirts/Sweat Shirts

It's always cool to see someone walking by who has a "eye catching" t-shirt or sweat shirt on. Here at Rey's Photography we create any type of t-shirt and/or sweat shirt with the logo or design of your choice. The shirts are composed of any graphic art, picture, phrase, or symbol of your liking. Wear your favorite school team next time you go to the game! The only difference is that your shirt was specially designed for you; no one else out of your circle will have it!

We encourage you to try our products and our business. Or to at least inquire about something you may be wanting in the near future. We want you to discover that there are still loyal companies out there that ultimately care more about what their product says about the company as a whole, and truly care about customer satisfaction.

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