Photography is about the subject

The secret is to love your subject, and think that you are doing an image for life!


When buying a photo the first thing the eye meets is the quality of that product. Here at Rey's Photography our first priority is the quality of a great picture. We understand and value that the picture should remain as a photographic image/memory forever. We guarantee that our photographic product will remain intact from generation to generation, with the intent for every generation to admire it as the original product. We guarantee that the product will never lose its color or shine nor will it ever fade or peel.


Most photographers measure service with price. Yet, here at Rey's Photography we provide our clients with the best customer service possible as we understand that a successful business is one in which the customer is fully satisfied with the service they have received. We want your experience with us to be fulfilled and unforgettable and the only way to achieve that is by treating everyone with the upmost professional and integrated service. Here we don't differentiate the customer from family, we're all family!


Any product purchased without guarantee is a risky purchase. Your photos are memories of something special and therefore the image should remain as is for a life time. That is why here at Rey's photography we guarantee all of our work, for we want you to re-live the memory every time you glance at your photos. We guarantee our photos will never fade or chip. We use only the best in photographic technology to ensure a vivid full color image. If we fail to meet your expectations we guarantee all money back no questions asked.

Our Recent Work

Sweet Sixteen
"Photography to me is my passion and capturing the true feelings on the day, blending creativity and lighting in the right way is a joy to me, I love what I do"

School Photography

"I remember when I was a child, school picture day was always an exciting event for me. I knew that day I would be wearing my best attire, but most of all, I knew mom would be inpatiently waiting for the pictures to arrive and hang them on the wall". Today as a parent myself, I understand that children take school pictures with the intent to please their parents.

They truly want an immaculate smile for mom and dad and in their little minds they anxiously hope for great results. I've witness many school pictures of children whom apparently were not helped or coached right before the photo, and therefore the results were poor, thus making the child and parents unhappy.

Our photographers are always reminded to make sure the child is completely ready before taking the picture. Hair nice and neat, straight posture, and a beautiful smile go a long way. We understand that parents put a lot of effort that morning in getting the child ready and sometimes that school picture is not done until late afternoon. We care for each child's photo as if it were our own child and we want you to be happy with the end results. We're a team that day, all working on the same goal, a beautiful school picture to remember for a life time.

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